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OSP (1.0L Client Files)
Filename: osp_1.0l_client.zip

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1.01 MB
1.0L Client Files
Orange Smoothie Productions
Mods > Multiplayer > OSP > Official

Average User Rating: 7.8
Number of Votes: 24
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OSP (1.0L Client Files) - File Description  

This is the latest installment for the SoF2 version of OSP: 1.0L !!
This version contains many enhancements & fixes (And especially for the server crashing exploit in OSP: 1.0H).

The zip file contains all the client side files, Please make sure you read the "Readme" to see all the changes wink


OSP (1.0L Client Files) - Screenshots  
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OSP (1.0L Client Files) - Readme  
Readme File:
- chg: remove new netcode for production use
- fix: shaking viewangles
- fix: netcode, hitboxes


- fix: correct some prediction code problems with bogues extrapolations
- fix: correct leaning hitboxes
- fix: disable truePing by default
- fix: respawnInterval/respawnInvulnerability/truePing show up in the server settings (all-seeing eye etc)


- fix: cg_thirdperson wasn't displaying local entity with anticheat
- fix: improve display of changes to important cvars (respawninterval/respawninvulnerability/sv_cheats/etc)
- fix: lower the minimum for match requirements from 4 players to 2
- fix: sof2++ anm14 lasts 8 seconds instead of 45
- fix: crashes on filehandlers
- fix: newline output fixes
- fix: viewheight/POV was lower than expected, corrected back to default
- fix: anticheat code
- fix: leaning animations with pmove_fixed enabled
- fix: osp scoreboard ping with truePing enabled
- fix: cl_timenudge doesn't make other players look “jerky” when you use a large negative value
- fix: cl_timenudge now works correctly
- fix: map restarts automatically unpause a game
- fix: fix timer bugs with pauses/unpauses
- fix: killing spree in DM shows odd numbers
- fix: improve antilag code slightly

- chg: cg_drawfps behavior to get a more accurate FPS count
- chg: remove smoothclients code to account for the new prediction code (it's all done serverside)

- add: logging for oversized command exploits
- add: add more output to /settings
- add: improve logging of other commands slightly
- add: cvar to disable or enable displaying of killing sprees, defaults to 0
- g_killingspree <0|1>

- add: imported parts of Unlagged2 (Neil Toronto)
Optimization for player prediction, defaults to 1
- cg_optimizePrediction <0|1>
Correction for “skipping” players
Option to show more accurate pings, defaults to 1. This shows actual server<->client latency
- g_truePing <0|1>
Cheat protected debugging for hitboxes added
- cg_DrawBBox <0|1>

- add: Improve anticheat
- add: Fix serverside buffer overflow exploits
- fix: More accurate bullet tracing
- fix: improve antilag code by storing more frames so users with high pings benifit from it
- fix: some text messages weren't displaying correctly
- fix: some text messages were corrected
- chg: uncheat protect pmove_*
- chg: g_awards is now disabled by default, can be enabled with g_awards 1
- chg: improve clientside performance on large servers

- add: Some more anticheat stuff.
- fix: Server runs newer version message.

- add: osp_maxm203perteam default:2
Limit the amount of players that get m203 nades with their m4. Set to a high
value to disable
- add: Shotgun lean fix. For sof2++ / Sof2 Vanilla. Credits to KRIS
- add: Anti-Aimbot code. Will stop aimbots from locking onto players

- add: osp_realisticMode <0|1> (voteable)
Truly real world damage, rules are:
- grenades do double damage
- bullets all do 95 damage when hitting arms,hands,feet,lower legs
- bullets do 100 damage when hitting tighs,waist,chest,neck,head
- bullets hitting the armor covered area of the body (chest,waist,tighs)
take a random amount of armor away from 0 to 99 and the rest is taken from
health (M60 and MSG rifle are unnaffected by armor)
- knockback is 25% of the default knockback
Note: This is not meant as a replacement to the inconsistent sof2.wpn (usually
in a pk3 file named zrest.pk3 or something) real damage package thats already
out there, this is a package for people who would like to play a faster paced game
where everybody has a fair chance at scoring some kills. If you use the osp
realistic damage you can be 100% certain that no other modifications are being
used, like for instance making one weapon (the server admin's favorite?) deal
some extra damage...
- add: osp_realisticRespawnInt default:8 seconds
since waiting in realistic mode happens alot more...
- add: new toggleable command +stats (like +scores for scores) will show hit location
percentiles of where you hit the most, and where you've been hit the most
Note: the hit location percentiles are also shown during the award ceremony
- add: osp_enemyKillReport <0|1> (default: enabled, always disabled in g_doWarmup 2)
will tell you the remaining health/armor of the player who just killed you
(for public servers)
- add: bots are now enabled, you can do /addbot <botname>, I haven't touched the bot code
at all so they're a little dumb in complex team gametypes, but they're ok in
Note: You need to get botfiles, since I don't have any and I don't want to step
on anyone's toes, I recommend getting the ones from the Mandown mod, you'll get two
directories named botfiles and botroutes, you need to put them under the osp
directory for bots to work
- add: balanceteams command/vote added, can be called from rcon or by a regular vote
will balance teams by using players' kill/death ratio as the sorting value

- chg: removed default filter behavior on target_speakers that was removing all
target_speakers when using altmaps that replace sounds
- chg: moved most of the weapons data for sof2++ in the data/sof2++.wpn file so it can
be modified
- chg: increased reach multiplier from 1.25 to 1.35 so melee hits are easier to do for
osp_modversion 1 and 2
- chg: replaced most sprees award with best score
- chg: callvote weapononly <weapon_num> (introduced in 1.0e, forgot to mention it!)
play a round with only the selected weapon, type callvote weapononly ? to see what
the weapon numbers are
- chg: updated docs about match_fastrestart cvar
- chg: sof2++ bumped up oicw damage from 35 to 40
- chg: bumped up silenced socom's innacuracy
- chg: sof2++ now gives 3 flashes
- chg: sof2++ anm14 lasts 45 seconds instead of 8
- chg: sof2++ lowered see-through distance with IR goggles
- chg: sof2++ lowered viewable distance with NV goggles

- fix: awards not always showing a winner even tho a winner there was
- fix: newbie award was including people who hadn't played enough
- fix: crosseyed award was including people who hadn't fired enough shots
- fix: backpack picked up when not needing it
- fix: additionnal security to make OSP ui panel behave correctly
- fix: sof2++ additionnal weapons hurting players in invulnerability time
- fix: adm callvote executing the previous passed vote when it passes
- fix: unsupported items in vanilla (i.e.: m67 grenade on mp_shop) from breaking
the default sof2 client from loading
- fix: sprees not resetting when doing a team kill, and spree displaying in obituary when
at 0 and team killing

- add: new individual scoring points in gametype vip
killing someone who's hurt your vip in the last 5 seconds gives 3 points
killing the vip gives 5 points
vip killing enemy players gets 3 points
- chg: removed broken RD filters in the ingame browser, i recommend using All Seeing Eye!
- chg: sof2++ reduced see-through walls distance of thermals by 33% (from 600 to 400)
- fix: backpacks giving flash/fire/smoke nades in vanilla and osp++
- fix: fixed possible client exploit with goggles
- note: disabling weapons in sof2++ requires setting cvars that have sof2pp between disable
and pickup, like so disable_sof2pp_pickup_weapon_***


- add: consolidated osp/osp++/sof2++ versions, they can be switched to with osp_modversion CVAR
osp_modversion 0 -> vanilla sof2
osp_modversion 1 -> osp++
osp_modversion 2 -> sof2++
- add: osp_weaponsFile cvar which specifies the weapons file parsed, this will allow
server admins that run weapons modification to quickly switch between files with
just a quick map_restart
i.e.: set osp_weaponsFile "ext_data/my_L33T_RealDamage_file.wpn" and then switch
to regular damage mode by just typing /reset osp_weaponsFile
Note: this will only work in regular OSP and OSP++ (not sof2++)
- add: killing spree system ... :D (a killing spree is 5 consecutive kills without dying)
- add: admin jail command (adm jail <id> <time>) where you can put someone in "jail" for a
determined amount of time or the default time (osp_defaultJailTime)
- add: vip gametype where each team respawns like in CTF and where the objective is to kill the
other team's VIP, optionnaly VIPs can be female models (osp_femaleVIP)
- add: bad awards system (can be disabled by setting g_awards 2)
Quitter award - most suicides
Lemon award - most teamkills
Newbie award - worst ratio
Easy Target award - most deaths
Crosseyed award - worst accuracy
Spammer award - most shots fired
Chatty b*tch - most chat messages
- add: new cvar osp_friendlyFireMultiplier, so you can reduce friendly fire
without removing it completely.
- add: new referee command cointoss throws a coin and tells result to everyone (to determine who
starts first in matches for example)
- add: you can now load comp and pub configs through rcon (rcon comp & rcon pub)
- add: vip comp and pub configs
- add: new weaptoggle accessory for selecting

- chg: new named configs usage /callvote comp CAL while playing CTF would try to load
the file osp_ctf_comp.CAL.cfg, old style default configs still work when no name
is specified
- chg: skill removed from awards, replaced with number of killing sprees
- chg: cheat protected pmove_fixed and pmove_msec
- chg: added sound entity (target_speaker) to the altmap system, so you can now add sounds to
your customized alt maps
- chg: osp++ shotgun recovery time lowered to 500 from 800
- chg: osp++ shotgun inaccuracy lowered from 0.025 to 0.001
- chg: osp++ shotguns MUCHO better
- chg: osp++ usas inaccuracy lowered from 0.025 to 0.005
- chg: sof2++ slowed down the acceleration of the RPG
- chg: sof2++ oicw now has 4 explosive bullets that do 85 dmg on a 135 radius
- chg: sof2++ walking m60 inaccuracy upped to 0.5
- chg: sof2++ m60 running/leaning/jumping inaccuracy upped to 0.65
- chg: sof2++ mm1 now viable in MP, shoots bouncy timed grenades, clip size 3 with 1 extra clips
- chg: sof2++ rpg now viable in MP, shoots accelerating rocket, clip size 1 with no extra clips
(cannot fire while moving or leaning)
- chg: sof2++ new disable_sof2pp_* cvars for disabling weapons in sof2++
- chg: sof2++ changed IR and NV goggles to make them more useful
- IR now sees further through walls, but is darker and sees less the environment
- NV now highlights players like IR and at a greater distance

- fix: gametype voting bug
- fix: smoke nade hurting players in osp++
- fix: friend token with client 0 printing "none" instead of client 0's name
- fix: enhanced award system font/text to be easier to look at
- fix: sof2++ changed weapon values on client so new weapons predict correctly
- fix: admin panel disabled when following someone not admin, same with ref and team
- fix: updated docs

OSP (1.0L Client Files) - User Comments  
The following comments are owned by the user that posted them. Soldier of Fortune Files is not responsible for their content.

Total comments: 5 | Last comment: 11-28-2005 at 00:03

 #1 - 10-27-2005 at 21:03
From: (Belfast)
Joined: August 20th, 2005
Posts: 15
Hmm....thought OSP creaors were finished? Whats the site?

 #2 - 10-28-2005 at 20:03
Joined: July 23rd, 2004
Posts: 276
The site is no longer supported. The person funding the project took it down.
Monk ( one of teh coders if not THE coder) came forward in another forum and stated that unlike the rumor that has been going around he wasn't caught with anything.......

Will we see anything more from them ? Only they can tell us. But it has taken this long to get an answer to this rumor let alone any others. Time will tell.

 #3 - 11-05-2005 at 09:52
Joined: March 6th, 2005
Posts: 460
Thought monk would continue till he reached 1.0M (monk).

Too bad the owner took osp down. frown

 #4 - v1.00 - 11-15-2005 at 08:11
From: (rotterdam)
Joined: October 25th, 2005
Posts: 49
can this to on sof v1.00?

 #5 - 11-28-2005 at 00:03
Joined: May 13th, 2005
Posts: 127
I believe v1.0M will be OSP's last release.
I hope the project is completed smile

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